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couple wet wipes case a straight femme try to touch me, ew

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being a lesbian is so horrible sometimes.

i’m intimidated by women because i find them attractive, but also because my internalized homophobia makes me feel like that attraction is inherently predatory and creepy AND because my internalized misogyny tries to convince me that other women are my competition at the same time. it’s a lot.

Things I will never understand:



People who called aborted fetuses “murder victims”, and then call children killed in drone strikes “collateral damage”.

Did you mean americans?



are straight allies even real

the martyr messiah has finally come to save us


replaying the same level in a video game for the hundredth time


Why cant I compare a miserable job at mcdonalds or a job walking through human shit at a waste treatment plant to prostitution? Just because sleeping with men is the last thing on earth that you want to do doesn't mean that others wouldn't be willing to do it for money. You say we should give these women handouts, but the fact is that they will never have the quality of life they have under prostitution; the average stripper makes 125,000$ a year. Allow women to make their own choices.


Source for the average stripper making $125,000 a year? Also, I’m specifically talking about prostitutes, so even if you DO have sources (highly unlikely), they literally have nothing to do with this argument. 

They will never have the quality of life they have as a prostitute? Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t know if you’re ignorant or just a fucking defensive loser, but most women in prostitution DO NOT GO INTO IT BECAUSE THEY ‘LOVE’ THE FUCKING JOB. It is fast money! You don’t need any formal skills to get into it! So it attracts poor women, or college students, or other oppressed groups who don’t have the same opportunities elsewhere. How the fuck does ‘choice’ answer that? There are coercive factors other than plain ‘choice’ that make someone do what they do. It’s ignorant to say that every single prostitute out there chose it because they love it, and there were a lot of other jobs to choose from but prostitution was their calling. No. Don’t play ignorant. I don’t know why the fuck people defend prostitution. This is an article that is from prostitutes, ex prostitutes and academics.

  • Prostitution has the highest murders of any ‘profession’. [x]
  • Prostitution is not a choice. Survivors of prostitution have described it as “the choice made by those who have no choice.” [x]
  • It has been described as a “male social system in place to ensure the satisfaction of male demand for sexual servicing and for objectified sex.”
  • "In one study of prostituted women, 90 percent of the women had been physically battered in childhood; 74 percent were sexually abused in their families, with 50 percent also having been sexually abused by someone outside the family."
  • "Of 123 survivors of prostitution at the Council for Prostitution Alternatives in Portland, Oregon (an agency offering support, education, shelter and access to health services to clients of all sex industries) 85 percent reported a history of incest, 90 percent a history of physical abuse, and 98 percent a history of emotional abuse"

How to help someone having a psychotic episode


As I have mentioned before, I have psychosis. Few people understand this disorder, and there is a ton of misinformation out there vilifying those who experience psychosis, calling us dangerous or even ‘evil’.

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